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space club (needs crit) by thatnickid space club (needs crit) by thatnickid
just wasnt too happy with it any other advice before i add characters?
i wanted it feel kinda like a classy space station hang out place
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XavierWard Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
hey bud, you may be getting sick of my crit by now, do tell me if so! 
first off, i cant do interiors for crap as you probably know so this is just regurgitating info ive learned from books.
I'd do some research into advanced perspective construction. I cant recommend 'how to draw' by scott robertson enough, im a third way through and though my brain hurts, it can see how I would construct this in full perspective.
The lit overhang of the stairs that curve towards us are at the wrong line of perspective. Think of them as one line, simply with an elipse drawn on top- at the moment the diagonal on the very bottom left wouldnt actually link with the back piece. Really hard to explain through type!
So what you need to do with the out jutting parts, is to draw a circle in perspective first, and then intersect that through to the vanishing point. i can try to do a quick draw over if that would help, though my pen pressure doesnt work as usual.
enough has been said about the colour/focal point, great points raised. My next crit would be your brush quality- you seem to intermingle very graphical elements such as the concealing stands on the carpet, as well as the design of the carpet, with fuzzy chalky brushes such as the base of the pillars or the drapes- this adds to the strange feeling of not being able to concentrate on where to look. the level of atmospehric perspective is kinda weird to, almost like fog in a room. its very hard to achieve focus with this, and i struggle hugely with it as usually id just whack some fog in and boom we're done. here, however, I would instead use lighting to suggest depth. ie- have one point of high light and detail, i would suggest the kinda podium on the bottom right third intersection of the canvas, underneath where there is a kind of balcony and above the pot. This would create some interest, and would give you the chance to use some warmish yellow colours (subtley) to link up the colour palette of the piece. also think about leading the eye into the canvas- its all quite flat at the moment, have you considered something very close foreground, like maybe a large drape to our left, or a person to add some life?

all of that said, you've done a sterling job with the feel of the interior, you get a real sci fi sense of it, and i really like the colour palette (though I think it could be improved with a tertiary colour other than red and blue). youve got some really interesting designs in there, and i love the joining of oriental furnishings to a very futuristic setting. Very cool stuff.

to conclude: focal lighting, perspective on the steps, lead the eye in, brush quality, haziness. great work buddy keep it going!
XavierWard Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2015  Professional Digital Artist  -perspective grid - rough paintover
hope it helps a little :)
P-cate Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Well actually this looks pretty well, but there are many focal points that don't exactly follow a line to the main focus point. Maybeee you could leave the  window and the carpet as main focus points...and maybeee the big lamp, the rest could be darker?.
QuiteBroke Featured By Owner Edited Jan 3, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Technique looks good. But like Kiyouko said, problem is there's nothing specific to focus on; everything is competing with its neighbour. You don't want that competition. Try dividing it using the rule of thirds and you'll see what I mean. What is interesting about this picture? There always has to be something, otherwise the viewer will get bored after a fraction of a second. Try and avoid the "Yeah, okay... and?" reaction :)
Kiyouko Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it's kinda hard to find where my eye should be focusing with such bright colours spread out in places, maybe dim/blur some things out and focus where the viewer should look first when they see your image, like a focus point. The viewer will naturally of course look at other areas within the painting after they're introduced to the main area of your painting.
thatnickid Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the crit!
And yer that's a really good point I think I'll do that and also kill those huge light/ screen right above the window
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